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YF back on Google Play

We have been able to resolve the issues with Google and YF is again available on Google Play. You ca...


Bitcoin payments available again

We have been able to fix the Bitcoin payment issue, and you should now be able again to pay with Bit...


New login on web page

We have changed the way you log in to the web site -- just in case you are wondering. The old way wa...

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  • Disabled accounts
  • It is absolutely counter-productive to swamp us with requests for having your account re-enabled. Send it ONCE and to the RIGHT ADDRESS. Please read the "account disabled" page before you send your request. If you send your request to the wrong email address it will simply be ignored -- permanently.

    There is now a faster way to have your account re-enabled. Please try to log on to our web page and if this doesn't work, enter the email address you have registered with and request your password. If your account has been auto-disabled you will then see further instructions. If your account has not been disabled several times already you may re-enable it yourself.

    To answer the question asked most often: is it a rip-off? No, it's an act of self-defense.



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