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Bitcoin payments available again

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New login on web page

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  • New client version 20070405-01
  • A new version of the Your Freedom client application has been released. Version 20070405-01 fixes an annoying problem many of you are seeing if you have auto-reconnect enabled. If for whatever reason the server disconnected the client and you reconnected manually, you received a "duplicate login" message after half a minute. This is fixed in this release.

    Also, there is no use in searching for connection possibilities on ports the server does not even listen on. This has been fixed in this release as well, it should speed up the server search slightly.

    If you are seeing problems binding to a local port (we've had several reports), this release may fix this as well. Unless another application permanently blocks the port the YF client should now be able to bind to it, simply by trying a few times.


    Please upgrade at your earliest convenience. Using the latest clients helps us tracking down bugs.

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