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YF back on Google Play

We have been able to resolve the issues with Google and YF is again available on Google Play. You ca...


Bitcoin payments available again

We have been able to fix the Bitcoin payment issue, and you should now be able again to pay with Bit...


New login on web page

We have changed the way you log in to the web site -- just in case you are wondering. The old way wa...

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  • New cashU payment interface
  • A few days ago, cashU has published a new implementation guide. It finally details how merchants can accept any amount instead of only payments for fixed price items, and it also allows payments in other currencies than USD and cashU points.

    This means that cashU payments to Your Freedom now work the same as other payments, including the possibility to reduce the price by cashing in old packages, and there is no conversion to US Dollars at a fixed rate anymore.

    Please contact us if you encounter any problems.

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