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  • New Client 20040616-01 released. Upgrade Please!
  • A new installer version of the Your Freedom client is available for download: 20040616-01

    We urge you to upgrade your installation as there are very substantial improvements and very important bug fixes in this release:

    • Fixed potential null pointer exception in UDP forwarding code
    • Added "file_extip <filename>" parameter to config (use manually if you need it). File will be updated with the current server's external IP. Useful for scripting.
    • Loads of cleanups, fixes and improvements in timer code should make it faster and more reliable, and reduces memory usage
    • Added Windows Domain field to proxy configuration panel in preparation for the implementation of NTLM authentication. In fact it could already be working with HTTPS, it's just that no-one tried so far...
    • Fixed silly bug in stream open code that caused stream open requests to fail
    • Added missing translations
    • Radically changed buffering concept for frames, improves performance and reduces memory fluctuation
    • Better queueing adjustment will lead to faster adaption of queue and frame size
    • Fixed stupid bug in delayed ACK code, improves single stream throughput dramatically
    • Made output queue and timer queue code more efficient by using specially-crafted versions of standard Java classes without unnecessary overhead

    Check the Download section for download links.

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