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New login on web page

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  • "Proxy reports error 0"
  • What does "Proxy reports error 0" mean?


    It means that the Your Freedom client has been able to connect to your web proxy and send a connection request, but the proxy has failed to answer to this request within the timeout interval (60 seconds). In other words: your web proxy is mis-behaving. If it doesn't like the request it should deny it, not ignore it.


    GloMobile customers in Nigeria experience this problem if their GPRS access is not enabled. It was seemingly possible to connect to our servers before May 23rd without paying for GPRS but it doesn't work any longer -- GloMobile has fixed this. Please do not report this as a problem unless you are paying for GPRS access (not us, GloMobile), i.e. you are able to access at least some web pages with your browser.


    As a mobile user you should also read this article.


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