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Login and payment problems

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    Tuesday 31. of August 2004
  • New Client 20040831-01
    • Made re-keying configurable in the GUI.
    • YF window now remembers where it las was on the screen.
    • Changed synchronization in ConnectionStatistics code. This should fix some strange bugs, eg. client statistics not properly updating.
    • Modified Google search to avoid filterin...

    Thursday 26. of August 2004
  • New Client 20040826-01
    • Fixed broken HTTP connection code that made connection via proxies requiring authentication fail.
    • Introduced re-keying. Server and client will now negotiate new encryption keys every 5 minutes. Intercepting them is no good if you don't have the password, and the password is never s...

    Thursday 12. of August 2004
  • New Client 20040812-01 released. Upgrade Please!
    • Many performance improvements.
    • Uses less heap memory and avoid heap fragmentation.
    • Fixed some potential null pointer exceptions.
    • Much faster base64 code greatly improves HTTP performance.
    • Fixed bug in HTTP codec that broke SOCKS non-passive FTP.
    • Made HTTPS c...

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